Will ‘MeWe’ Be Able To Replace Facebook?


In case if you still have not received the invitation for joining ‘MeWe’ from a friend on Facebook yet, you are sure to receive one within a few days. If you are exhausted from the noise of the 4 billion users of Facebook and looking for a quiet social media hangout with your friends only, you are sure to be attracted to MeWe.

Though MeWe is devoid of ads, spyware, and political agendas, is that sufficing enough to be an alternative to Facebook?

MeWe vs Facebook

Though the procedure for signing up for MeWe is similar to Facebook, the terms and conditions are widely different and very impressive. You will have complete control over the content and it won’t be possible for anybody to sell any information about you. There will not be any directed advertisements or face recognition functioning.

Though you will get a view of known people using MeWe and send them an invite, it is better to update your availability on Facebook for all to know.

‘My World’ will show your newsfeed and you can message through ‘Chat’.

Advertisements are free-of-charges but you have to buy your preferred stickers and themes. Business pages and AV calling charges are charged with $2 per month. Donations are accepted by MeWe.

Since Facebook has become overly political and excessive forced content, MeWe is the best option for introverts to freely express themselves.

If you want a more private space away from 4 million prying eyes, MeWe is your space.