Will Smith Publicly Apologized To Chris Rock For The Slap

Will Smith
Will Smith

Will Smith, the renowned actor, asked forgiveness from Chris Rock for the unfortunate incident that happened at the Oscars this Sunday. Chris Rock made a joke about the hairstyle of Jada Pinkett Smith, the wife of Will Smith while going to present an award for the best documentary. Chris Rock joked about her bald head and said that he cannot wait anymore to see Pinkett in the next G.I. Jane 2 movie. 

Will Smith Gave A Long Apology On Instagram For His Oscar Slap

This incident was followed by Will Smith going up on the stage and slapping Chris in front of the entire crowd. Later on, in a post on Instagram, Will wrote that any kind of violence is not good and is rather destructive and poisonous. Thus he apologized for his behavior which was neither excusable nor acceptable. He shared that his wife is suffering from a medical condition and jokes related that affected him emotionally. 

Will asked forgiveness from the whole world and especially Chris as he accepted he crossed the line and was later very embarrassed with his own action. He also added that people must not judge him for what he did that day as he is not a man like that. He ended his post by saying that violence must not be encouraged in this world which needs kindness and love. 

Pinkett Smith was diagnosed with alopecia in the past. He apologized to all the producers of the Oscars, attendees, William’s family, King Richard’s Family, and the entire world who saw him in that vulnerable state. He does not want to spoil his beautiful journey by this unfortunate incident. 

The entire committee of the event wanted to eject Smith from the show but decided otherwise and after a few moments, Will won the Best Actor award for the role of Venus and Serena William’s father.