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Youtubers Saucy And Honey Face 7 Years In Prison For Night Out At Target Store In Pennsylvania

What was planned as a night of fun turned into a nightmare for the YouTuber duo of Saucy and Honey. They now face criminal charges for trespassing that could end in a prison term of 7 years.

Johnson Larose, 25, and Charlotte Fischer, 24, were taken into custody after they hid inside the Chester County store on February 21 and filmed that incident to post on social media.

Tripped Alarm Proved To The Undoing For Saucy And Honey

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Employees at Target found surveillance videos that showed the two wandering around for hours, phones in hand. It appears that the duo did not take anything from the racks.

Police said that they were trying to uncover the motive and whether they were there for some criminal purpose. Saucy and Honey were filming a 24-hour challenge to stay in Target overnight. They intended to post it on their channel that had 17,800 followers.

In the 26-minute clip, Saucy and Honey are seen building a fort to hide behind as the shop shut the previous day and emerged to wander around aimlessly.

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Saucy and Honey claim they stayed in the Target store all night, although police reported that they exited through the emergency exit at 3 in the morning. This set off the alarm. Saucy and Honey were back at the store at 8 the next morning to complete the video.

The situation could have gone wrong at any stage and also used by scarce Target and police resources. Detective Pezick said that any response to a burglary call is a tense situation and could have led to people getting heard. He said that though Saucy and Honey were harmless, there has to be a precedent to discourage others from coming up with such a prank.

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