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Mannequin Prank Startles Kid As It Springs To Life: Mom Gets Mad At Prankster

Social media users took strong positions as a debate rages over a video of a child trying to sit on a mannequin. The mannequin suddenly springs to life as it turns out to be a prankster in a supermarket.

The attempt at pranking appears to have gone wrong as a child tried to ease herself on the lap. The prankster move, startling the child who fell.

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The Mannequin prank clip has already gathered 21.5M TikTok views. The Mannequin prank post gathered another million posts after it was posted on Twitter.

The clip caption reads about the prank going wrong. The clip was uploaded by the account @tugreckless on Monday.

The incident 30-second clip, filmed an unnamed Target outlet shows the bozo donning a white morph suit as it tries to pretend to be a mannequin. It appears that he was attempting to enact the mannequin prank. These viral pranks have chuckleheads dressed up as mannequins in departmental stores.

The Mannequin Prank Guy Did Not Push The Child, She Was Startled And Fell Lightly

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They startle unwary shoppers filming the incident on camera for short clips humorous clips. But the guy in the mannequin prank never intended to startle the child. He appeared surprised when the child suddenly started to sit down on his lap.

The prank guy stooped her with his hand which startled the child enough to make her fall down. The child’s mother is furious and tells the mannequin prank guy that it was wrong and rude of them and verbally abuses the guy. All that the mannequin prank guy says in response is that he had done no wrong.

The video concludes with another store employee sending the prankster out of the area. 

Many social media commenters sided with the mannequin prank guy and said that people had become too sensitive. Others said it was wrong of the child to have sat on a store mannequin and that her mother should have stopped her.

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