4 Benefits That You Can Get If You Use Twitter For Business

twitter for business

In 2020 Twitter is literally one of the best social media platforms which helps us in keeping up with the latest fads in the market. The reach of Twitter is huge- from discovering what TV shows others are watching, to cheering at the social media challenges that they are taking up- Twitter has quite a huge standing. But these are all the features that you will get if you use Twitter as a personal touch- what if you use Twitter for business? Remember, there are certain benefits that Twitter enjoys but if you use Twitter for business, there are several other benefits to choose from. 

Here are The Top 4 Benefits of Using Twitter For Business

1. Gaining Valuable Insights from Customers

Interestingly, Twitter goes through around 6000 tweets per second. This should put into perspective just how active people are on this conversation platform. As far as businesses go, these conversations and comments can actually be quite a valuable repository of information for customer insights. If you use Twitter for business, you will be suitably helped with research topics, and trends- things that your audience cares about. So, connect the dots. 

Joe Rice, the EMEA Data & Enterprise Solutions’ head mentions that Twitter is by far the world’s biggest focus group. Why? It is because, at its core, this entire social media platform is an engine of consumer insights. If you want to know what people think about a particular trend, this is the place to be. Twitter has all these insights that most brands actually use- from launching their own products, to improving the service that they provide. As said before, using Twitter for business offers you a great place where you can engage with your consumers in quite a genuine way. 

If you head on to the Twitter Explore page, you will find a continuously updating sheet of hashtags and topics that are currently trending in your region. Using Twitter for business also entails that you discover the Twitter hashtags option to check up on conversations that your audience finds important. 

2. Build brand personality and awareness using Twitter for Business

If you want to develop and establish a personality for your brand, the most important thing is to maintain a style for your tweets, and engage with the audience on the same tweets. See, one of the biggest advantages of using Twitter for business is that you are allowed to share and project information quite quickly while engaging in conversations with your audience. Similarly, your audience would also find your content, Tweets, and ideas- appreciate them hopefully, and share them with their followers. 

But before you do any of that, you need to ensure that you have zeroed in on a tone that would align with your personality and brand voice. Since the topics that you want to talk about and the form of conversations you will have will definitely garner other’s attention towards you, you need to make sure that you have a perspective that matches your audience. In case you want to get some more information about this, there are tonnes of worksheets on Twitter that will take you through the process, to ensure that you have full control when you use Twitter for business.  

Just as an example- Ben & Jerry’s could sell just ice cream but it is also quite vocal about social issues and politics through the social media platform. The best usage of Twitter for business would be to promote social causes that your brand believes in through this given medium. Goes without saying, it makes a huge impact on people who are interested in the same clauses. 

3. Deliver customer support and gather feedback by using Twitter for business

Rice talks about how the most developed brands actually see this social media platform as one of their biggest and most vital marketing, market research, and customer care medium- one that can actually dish out insights that are useful. And this is beyond any discrepancy. 

When a brand uses Twitter for business, they are making it really easy for their other customers to simply reach out, and provide feedback. These brands would then use it not just as an opportunity to gather valuable feedback, but also to deliver on the support that their customers want from them. Several companies such as Netflix even have their own Twitter account that provides them with support.

This company has been offering their support on this page in quite a few languages and throughout this world. Netflix has been using the same account to gather feedback- something that allows them to improve their user experience and service- something they then pass on to their R&D team. So you see, most of the A-list brands use Twitter for business to further their business. 

4. Cultivate a brand community

Since there is literally no friction between the communication of brands and their consumers, you can use Twitter for business to cultivate and build your own community. These brands can use this platform to initiate conversations with their loyal consumers- something that will actually help them build up an entire community. 

If you have been using Twitter, you would know that there was a #BrandsGetReal survey which discovered that close to 55% of consumers actually want brands to link them up with people whose ideologies match theirs. And around 36% of the participants have been expecting brands to start communities that consumers would belong to. 

So, you can clearly see that using Twitter for business comes with some definite perks of its own- something that no other platform might be able to provide. If your brand expects a loyal clientele you will have to prove it to them that you are loyal to them as well.