#AbolishTheMonarchy Is A Twitter Trend On Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee


The monarch of the British Empire, Queen Elizabeth II, recently celebrated her jubilee of 70 years of ruling the crown. The celebrations took place with immense pomp and grandeur. That went on for four days. However, the political circumstance in the United Kingdom is quite rebellious as we witnessed the Twitter trend, #AbolishTheMonarchy. 

Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebration took over the entire nation with its four-day-long carnivalesque festivity. Huge crowds had gathered in support of the monarch and to celebrate her long reign. On the other hand, the trending hashtag of #AbolishTheMonarchy was seen all over the social media platform Twitter. 

Brits Tweet #AbolishTheMonarchy 

This trending hashtag of #AbolishTheMonarchy is an indication that several of the British citizens wish that Queen Elizabeth should be their last monarch. They do not want the British Empire to continue the monarchy any longer. 

Republic is one such anti-monarchy group. They have recently made a vocal announcement that the British royals must soon be replaced. In fact, a head of the state must be elected in a democratic and fair manner. It has also been known that Prince Charles is quite unpopular among the masses. Hence, most people do not want him to succeed his mother after her death. 

Trends And Trolls Against Monarchy 

Reuters reported in January that polls show a large number of Brits supporting monarchy mainly due to the reason that Queen Elizabeth II is very popular with the people. Nonetheless, there seems to be much less support for her son, Charles. This is the primary reason against demands to abolish the monarchical authority post-Elizabeth II. Twitter is buzzing with anti-monarchical tweets. Republic had also put up an anti-monarchy billboard in Glasgow. 

Despite such tweets, the Platinum Jubilee was magnanimous. People are flocking in to watch the royals.