A’ja Wilson Has Stopped Caring About Her Trolls

A'ja Wilson

The recently crowned WNBA champion, A’ja Wilson, has finally figured out a way to protect her peace as a woman basketball player. The interview took place when she was discussing her T&T ad for March Madness- where the 26-year-old star of the Las Vegas Aces went on to admit that creating equity for women’s sports would often feel like a massive burden- even if it was one that she was quite willing to go through.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Wilson stated that sometimes she felt that she didn’t have the energy to give others- for she was so exhausted. The Defensive Player of the Year of the WNBA went on to explain that although she was quite elated at how far women’s sports had come towards building equity, it wasn’t exactly a secret that female athletes suffered more from online trolls. 

A’ja Wilson Thinks It Is More Fruitful To Listen To Her Fans Than Her Trolls

But on her journey to be a proper role model for other aspiring athletes, A’ja Wilson has already created multiple ways of disengaging herself from the negativity online. She stated that the biggest thing that she had learned was to never care about the naysayers. Rather, she would just focus on the people who were there for her- and her fans.

She did admit that the trolls did affect her at one point in time- but even caring about what they had to say was super exhausting. But now, she decided to only care about her fans, which would allow her to focus on who she was- something that would allow her to grow. 

The 2023 season will be kicked off when the Las Vegas Aces- with A’ja Wilson will face off against the Seattle Storm on the 20th of May. The defending champions of the WNBA will also receive their rings at one of the team’s home games this season.