Alana Thompson Crossed A Milestone

alana thompson

It was the first and most important milestone in life. Alana Thompson finally graduated high school. She was happy she could do all the things she had imagined all her life. She went to prom and all the other important things.

Mama June Shannon is a proud mama now. In spite of all the negatives in life, her daughter achieved something huge. She couldn’t be more proud. Earlier this month she shared how things have not been great for a year. She has overcome a lot of things. Even though it breaks her heart she gave custody of Alana to her eldest daughter.

None of them was happy with all the decisions.

Next Big Chapter Awaits Alana Thompson

It was a month-long preparation for Alana Thompson. And obviously, it was her big day. She attended prom and graduated. It all seemed too much last year. However, time has changed. Her elder sister shared a video of Alana Thompson wearing the cap and the gown receiving her high school degree.

The next chapter awaits the young lady.

Her mama and sister are so proud of her. Her elder sister Lauryn shared how proud she is. However, she still considered that as an understatement.

Like everyone, she is always excited to see what the next big Chapter holds for her. Alana Thompson has come this far against all the odds. She is clearly winning in life.

When her mama gave her up to her elder sister. It was a tough call. Not everyone was happy. But it was something that needed to be done. Alana Thompson previously said how badly she wanted to stay away from her mom.

Mama June Shannon got married again. Her new episodes started airing in the first week of this month.

Everything will be aired.