Taylor Swift Fan Crossed The Boundaries To Attend Concert

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Not all Swifties are lucky to get tickets. Nashville resident Davis Perrigo is one of them. When it comes to tickets he wasn’t lucky enough to buy one. Eras’ tour has been hyped for concerts from the very beginning.

Many famous celebrities including Selena Gomez and Matty Healy have been part of this. Taylor Swift got creative with her concert this year. She surprised fans with many other celebrity friends of hers.

Tickets were sold within minutes. Many fans are still waiting for their moment to buy one. Maybe this year or next.

Davis Perrigo couldn’t get a hold of the ticket. He crossed every boundary to make things happen.

Taylor Swift Fans Count Himself As Blessed Because He Couldn’t Buy Tickets, Why Is That?

Even if Davis Perrigo bought a ticket he wouldn’t be able to stand so close to Taylor Swift.

Not getting a ticket was perhaps a blessing in disguise.

We all wait for moments like this when the universe takes the wheel and shows us how incredible life can get.

Davis Perrigo is a huge Taylor Swift fan. He works as an accountant by the day. And during Eras Tour he took up a job as a security at the Nissan Stadium Nashville.

The security head warned him about the no-phone policy. Davis Perrigo was so close to Taylor Swift, he couldn’t believe his eyes. A video later disclosed how crazily he was singing her songs. He couldn’t help but vibe with them.

Even a non-Taylor Swift fan would sing those songs. Davis Perrigo sang I knew you were trouble and Love Story.

Anyone would go crazy over these songs.

His video got viral. Some fans must have noticed how a security guard is vibing to Taylor Swift’s song. It was madness.

One fine morning he saw that video went viral and it got 10,000 views. The same day by night it reached a million views.

 Davis Perrigo has done crazy stuff in life. However, this reached the top. He couldn’t believe he actually pulled it off smoothly.