Amanda Bynes Gave A Clarification About Her Fiancé Paul Michael

amanda bynes
amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes, the American actress was seen taking the side of her fiancé Paul Michael in a video which she posted this Thursday after her wonderful accusations against him. She stated that she is simply giving a correctional statement to all her followers. In the video, Amanda Bynes clarified that Paul was looking for MILFs, and following that sons and moms just came up.

Amanda Bynes Explained That He Searched For MILF Porn

The video was taken inside her car and she posted it in her story feed on Instagram. She also stated that she went and bought a drug test from CVs and after testing it on him, it was clear that he was clean. Lastly, she also joked about the fact that in her previous video something was stuck between her teeth. 

Amanda Bynes in one of her Instagram videos accused her fiancé Paul that he watches son and mom porn movies and also does drugs. She was scared for her life and wanted immediate help. She also revealed that Paul has stopped having his medications and after checking his phones, found such weird stuff. 

Amanda also accused him of destroying his mother’s house purposely. He went there and broke almost all her stuff including her pictures and put salmon under the bed of her mother. His dangerous behavior was persisting for a long time and she was frightened of what he would do to her.

Bynes, the 36-year-old actor also accused him of using crack cocaine and claimed that he has a stock of it inside the house. As per her words, he is using drugs for six months continuously, and thus, she needed help to get him out of her house. On the other, Michael responded back on Instagram and stated that he has no clue about her accusations. He stated in a video that he is clean and sober and is successfully doing his pre-law classes.