Here’s Why CNN’s Andy Cohen Has Been Preparing To Get Drunk Once More New Year’s Eve in 2023 Following A Sober Start

andy cohen

Starting in 2024, Andy Cohen’s inebriated New Year’s Eve celebrations could return! 55-year-old Andy Cohen, along with Anderson Cooper, co-host, on the eve were prohibited from consuming alcohol while recording the event last year on CNN.

On The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, the Watch What Happens Live presenter said that the probation on alcohol was a failure and that he was prepared to toast the occasion with a cocktail in his hand. Andy Cohen said simply, “What a chaos.”

“The Audience Loves Us Doing Shots On New Year’s”, Claims Andy Cohen

The dynamic pair of Cooper and Cohen, known as AC2, has a thing with entertaining audiences on NYE. They even have a live tour. That, he claimed, is mostly attributable to Andy Cohen’s drinking patterns as the evening goes on.

The audience loved to see him make Anderson laugh as well as admire watching them do shots, said Andy Cohen in an interview with Stern. Cooper, 56, and he have been co-hosting the show for seven years, and this year they were pressured to get more creative by drinking pickle juice live to keep the audience as well as themselves entertained. They did everything they could to go around the ban, although it had been a silly move, he continued.

Stern, 69, continued by asking Cohen if he believed Chris Licht, the former CEO and chairman of CNN who was sacked after a brief and turbulent 13-month tenure, was not the right person for the work in light of the negative experience the Bravo executive had with CNN the previous year. “I think because it didn’t work out, I don’t know the reply to it”, Andy Cohen said. “I didn’t care, he continued. On New Year’s Eve, I simply wanted to indulge in alcohol and make Anderson happy.”