Dallas Cast Members Remember Larry Hagman’s “Silent Sundays” When He Used His Whistle to Communicate

Larry Hagman

One individual was missing, but his presence loomed large when the Dallas group, which also included Linda Grey, Patrick Duffy, Joan V Ark, Audrey Landers, Charlene Tilton, along with Steve Kanaly, reunited the previous week in Palm Springs at Oscar’s venue.

The group was thinking about Larry Hagman, who portrayed J.R. Ewing for more than 14 seasons on Dallas before passing away at 81 years of age in 2012. The actress Grey, who portrayed Hagman’s spouse Sue Ellen, tells us that J.R., his character, was an absolute asshole. Even though Larry Hagman was fantastic.

Dallas Members Recall Larry Hagman And All The Ways He Would Keep The Fun Alive

Tilton, who portrayed Larry Hagman’s sibling, Lucy, thinks that was what made the show so beautiful. To her knowledge, Dallas was the first program to include characters who were all genuinely flawed, yet the public adored them.

Duffy, who portrayed Hagman’s brother Bobby in the show, exclaims, “Oh he’s here.” Before shooting the pilot episode in 1978, Duffy, then 74, claims he met Larry Hagman for the first time. They shook hands and it felt as if they had known each other for the longest of time. He told his wife after returning home that he (Larry Hagman) could be his best friend, he declared. This had happened at the Dallas table reading. 

It was similar to how he felt when he first met his wife, continues Duffy. Similarly, he felt when he first met the woman he’s been with for so many years. Unspoken history existed, he claims. 79-year-old Van Ark, adds, “He also performed a number of the Landing episodes. Oh my God, Larry brought all the vigor and emotion he possesses as well as his sense of humor. On-set gags involving him… That is, in my opinion, the happiest spot on earth.