After Kody Brown’s separation, Meri Brown Thinks Back on Choosing a “New Path”

Meri Brown

Meri Brown has been living her life according to her own rules.

The 52-year-old Sister Wives actress said how her latest road trip gave her the motivation to take charge after a difficult few years involving her divorce from spouse Kody Brown. In a video posted on TikTok this Wednesday, the reality star explained that she had started to consider her life after having taken a wrong turn along the journey.

Meri Brown Discusses Taking A Step Back From Life And Searching For The Right Path

Although a GPS device is intended to be useful, she said that using one can make the journey “more stressful and chaotic.” She said that she was thinking of her life along the lines of a road trip and has been thinking about all the times she has paused or taken the wrong turn while concluding that the road she has taken was perhaps not the best choice.

Meri Brown said that she has to stop and figure out where she wants to be and take a vacation to find clarity and control over her life. She feels like she needs to take a step back and wonder where life has brought her, to reflect and truly connect with herself.

In a recent frank Instagram post following a breakup, Meri Brown talked about feeling “valuable” for the first time.

One has what they have because of the person that they are at the moment. If they want anything different, they must act differently and change who they are. An improved and new version of themselves would be necessary for the lofty goals you have, Meri Brown wrote the previous month. She further continued that it was important to stay committed to themselves; Take action every day that would help them get one step closer to their aspirations and objectives.