Armie Hammer Says That He Wanted To Kill Himself After Multiple Rape Allegations

Armie Hammer

Hollywood actor Armie Hammer has broken his silence after being at the center of a controversy involving claims of rape, sexual abuse, and cannibalistic fantasies for more than two years.

In an interview with Air Mail, Hammer denied any criminal wrongdoing and said that all of his sexual experiences were consensual, although he did confess to emotionally abusing past lovers, as reported by Fox News, an American news organization. Hammer said he attempted suicide in February 2021 after several women accused him of sexual assault. 

Armie Hammer Talks About His Dark Days

The actor also said that his interest in BDSM was triggered by the fact that he was sexually raped by a youth pastor when he was 13 years old.

Sexual molestation, Hammer told the newspaper, “established a hazardous precedent in my life.” According to Fox News, he said that “being out of control was extremely hazardous for me and very unpleasant,” which led to a shift in his “sexual inclinations” toward a focus on feeling in charge.

But he said that he had always gotten his partners’ permission before engaging in any sexual activity with them.

In 2020, Armie Hammer’s wife, the TV personality Elizabeth Chambers, filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Claims of sexual assault surfaced months later, effectively ending Hammer’s successful Hollywood career.

Fox News reports that an unidentified Instagram account published comments purportedly from Hammer in which he described violent and cannibalistic sexual desires. The comedy “Shotgun Wedding,” in which Hammer was set to co-star with Jennifer Lopez, was scrapped just before filming was set to begin after this incident.

Soon after, he stopped appearing in “The Offer,” a Paramount+ series on the making of “The Godfather,” as well as “Gaslit,” on Starz, and “The Minutes,” on Broadway. Hammer’s former management company, WME, also cut ties with him.

Armie Hammer disclosed to Air Mail that he had attempted suicide in February of 2021. During this period, he and Chambers were confined in the Cayman Islands with their two children, Harper Grace and Ford Armand.