Kit Harington Announces That He Is Expecting Baby 2

Kit Harington

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are having their second child together, which the couple revealed during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Harington said that he is “terrified” of the impending arrival of the new baby, even though they have already had a trial run. Especially because it’ll come as a big surprise to their little one.

As the Game of Thrones star put it, “he is about to have the shock of his life” in the form of a new sibling. When expecting your first child, you may have felt like you were “walking on clouds” or “dancing through fields of daisies.”  

Kit Harington And Leslie Rose Are Terrified 

This time the awakening to reality is much swifter, and you quickly become reality. Despite Harrington and Leslie’s best efforts, he “doesn’t fully intellectually get it just yet” in regards to having a sister.

“We are trying to prepare him ready for it,” he said, “and we point at Rose’s belly and we say, ‘Mummy’s baby, mummy’s baby,’ and he points at his stomach and says, ‘My baby, my baby.'”

They wed in 2018 and had their first kid sometime in late 2020 (though they never said exactly when). Unfortunately, they didn’t start dating until 2011 after meeting on the set of their successful HBO program. Leslie and Harington’s on-screen chemistry as lovers in Game of Thrones is what ultimately led to their real-life romance.

In a previous interview with The Weekend Australian, Kit Harington discussed being a father, calling it “the most physically exhausting thing” he’s ever done. My back is completely shot, man. I work out regularly, but having a kid is the most physically taxing thing I can think of. My partner and I are doing well, and we have a beautiful kid with… “I’m a happy, satisfied, and sober guy,” Kit Harington said.