Ashley Greene Shares Kingsley’s First Magical Christmas 

Ashley Greene

Paul Khoury and Ashley Greene welcome their daughter Kingsley in September. Being Kingsley’s first Christmas, mother Ashley uploads her family photo on Monday captioning her Christmas to be one of the most magical ones.

The thread of images consisted first of a family photo where Paul is seen wrapping his arms around Ashley, his wife who has their baby girl in her arms posed with a background of a Christmas tree. Other pictures feature Kingsley in a white-colored onesie as shared by Ashley Greene featuring the 3-month-old’s first holiday.

Mother Ashley’s former co-star, Mr.Peter Fancinelli comments on the pictures of the baby girl, nicknaming her Santa’s elf. The thread of family photos shows the couple with their child in Christmas pajamas and Khoury in a onesie.

Ashley Greene had recently attended a reunion with her Twilight family including Facinelli and Jackson Rathbone. Being quite active on social media, Greene shares a selfie on Instagram Story, captioning it is a family reunion. 

The Real Life Of Ashley Greene

Her small-knit family started right after she said I do to entrepreneur Paul Khoury in 2018. The couple was then blessed with a baby girl on the 16th of September. The news however went viral on Instagram as posted by the couple. On welcoming their daughter Ashley posted how after the girl’s arrival, everything has changed, and nothing else is of that importance as Kingsley. She further says that the kind of love and feeling the family is engulfed with at the present moment demands only to be felt because no amount of words can explain the true feelings. 

Way before starting with her family, Ashley Greene was loved by the crowd for her role in Twilight as Alice Cullen which was aired in 2008. Twilight is based on books with the same title written by Stephenie Meyer.