Cardi B Showed A Glimpse Of Her Baby For The First Time

cardi b
cardi b

A close look was shared by Cardi B of her baby son who is just six months old in regard to the wishes of her fans. Her fans went crazy to see her baby’s picture for six months and finally, she posted a glimpse with a caption for the fans that this is what they would get for now.  

Witty Response By Cardi B

The fans were waiting for a long time and Cardi B kept their wishes in a witty way. The picture was just of the baby’s eyes and it showed his long beautiful eyelashes. Though the picture was limited, still many fans noted that the baby has brown eyes. The baby looked quite similar to his parents and as per some fans, he even takes after Kulture, his elder sister. 

Cardi B previously used to just post about all the struggles that she was facing with her child. She posted once that his son had been sad for an entire day. Meanwhile, her fans complained a lot and some even posted that the though the baby got his first tooth, still they did not get to see him. 

Kulture loves her newborn brother which is portrayed by the statement she gave when Cardi B asked her whether she wants another baby sister or brother. Kulture replied that she wants no more siblings and when the reason for this was asked she retorted that her brother is perfect and she likes him very much. This was the cutest reply to which Cardi B gushed ‘aww’. 

Though Cardi B enjoys all the sweet moments with her children, she knows that parenting is tough especially when someone is a celebrity. She had opened an Instagram account for her daughter which she later on locked. This was mainly because of some negative comments which were subjected to Kulture which made Cardi B furious and thus, she is very protective of her newly born son.