Chris Licht Could Be Leaving CNN Soon

Chris Licht

According to insiders at CNN, Chris Licht, the network’s new CEO, will be fired by Labor Day after not turning around the struggling organization in his first year in charge. Once Jeff Zucker’s affair with marketing executive Allison Gollust became public, Licht replaced Zucker as CEO in April of last year.

The successful producer Licht, who has worked on other cable networks, vowed to change CNN’s host lineup and get rid of its hard-left bias. Hotshot director Chris Licht came over at CNN in April of last year, but he has not quite won over the majority of the team.

Chris Licht On His Way Out

His wagers have not yet paid off, including pairing Don Lemon with Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow for a new daily program. He is ‘never alone,’ according to insiders, and is hard to reach by regular persons,’ which does not help.

Chris Licht always has a group of people around him. You see him hurrying past with his flunkies, but he does not stop to engage in conversation with us commoners. One person told Page Six, “It seems like he is afraid of us. It is understandable why he was unaware that Lemon, Poppy Harlow, and Kaitlan Collins would never get along. They said, “He doesn’t have his ears to the ground.

Speaking over his female cohosts frequently and lately asserting that presidential candidate Nikki Haley is past her “prime,” Lemon, who previously hosted his own program, has drawn criticism. Gayle King, a stalwart of CBS, is still reportedly in Licht’s sights as she considers leaving her lucrative position at the network. His days may be numbered, according to reports, but time will show that this is untrue, a CNN spokeswoman claimed. The largest gamble made by Licht, pairing Lemon with Collins and Harlow on CNN This Morning, has so far failed.