Sarah Polley Announces A New Movie Based On Her Oscars 2023 Experience

Sarah Polley

Sarah Polley, a Canadian director, won the Best Adapted Screenplay award for her film “Women Talking.”

With her 2008 feature-length debut, “Away From Her,” she had previously been chosen to win Best Adapted Screenplay. This is her second Oscar nomination and first win. The former actor-turned-writer/director claimed that the incident had such a profound impact on her that she is currently developing a movie about her 2022–2023 awards season.

Sarah Polley jokingly expressed her appreciation to the Academy for not taking offense to the use of the terms “women” and “talking” together as she received her award. “First of all, I wish to simply acknowledge the Academy about not taking deadly disregard for the terms “women” and “talking” being placed so closely together. Thank you,” she said.

Sarah Polley Is Extremely Moved

Sarah Polley also mentioned fellow Canadian author Miriam Toews, whose 2018 book with the same name served as the basis for the movie. Away From Her, Polley’s first feature-length directorial effort was also up for this award in 2008, but No Country For Old Men, by Joel and Ethan Coen, won.

Women Talking, which is based on a true tale, takes place in an isolated religious community in which the male elders have used a variety of justifications to cover up years of drug-assisted sexual attacks on the women and girls who live there, leaving many of them pregnant or dead. The women must choose whether to remain in the neighborhood or leave when the assailants are apprehended and taken into custody.

Similar incidents that occurred in a Manitoba Mennonite Colony in Bolivia are reflected in the narrative. Despite acknowledging that people of both genders contributed to bringing the movie’s discussion to the big screen, Polley said she was glad for the chance to work with so many great women in the traditionally male-dominated film industry.