Sammi Giancola Returns To Jersey Shore After 11 Long Years

Sammi Giancola

Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, or Sammi Giancola, a “Jersey Shore” celebrity, has rejoined MTV after an 11-year sabbatical.

Snooki, The Situation, and the rest of the original “Shore” cast returned to the channel for the 2018 revival series “Jersey Shore Family Vacation,” which picked up where the original reality show left off in 2012. The only person to win the confrontation was Giancola.

Sammi Giancola Is Excited To Return

Yet on Saturday night, a behind-the-scenes image of Sammi Giancola on set was posted to the “Jersey Shore” Twitter account. The sixth season of the travel-themed television series “Family Vacation” is now airing. The tweet quoted Giancola’s tagline from the “Jersey Shore” opening credits: “She is still the sweetest b—— you will ever meet.”

Sammi Giancola shared the tweet. SallyAnn Salsano, the creator of “Jersey Shore,” agreed. Salsano remarked “I am dying” while tagging #JSFamilyVacation and #blessed. It is uncertain if Giancola will return as a “guest” or if he would join as a cast member in his own right.

The “Jersey Shore” star, who was born and raised in Hazlet and will age 36 on Tuesday, is infamous for having an erratic on-off relationship with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. The Sam-Ron friendship, which frequently turned loud and aggressive on-screen (and gave rise to the catchphrase “Stahp it, Rahnn!”), started in Seaside Heights during the first season of the show in 2009 and lasted after it ended in 2012.

They parted ways permanently in 2016. “I am at a totally distinct point in my life at the moment now concentrating on my companies and relationship,” Giancola wrote in an Insta post before “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” began in 2018. She remarked, “I am extremely pleased right now in every element of my existence and wish to stay away from possibly poisonous situations. The 37-year-old Ortiz-Magro appeared in “Jersey Shore Family Vacation.” He left the program in 2021.