Coco Austin Criticized For Putting Her Daughter In A Stroller

coco austin

Coco Austin is one of the biggest names in the American entertainment industry. She ranks among one the promising actors of recent times. The actress is known for her bold style quotient and has a worldwide following on the internet. However, Austin seems to have offended her fans recently. One of her posts on social media has gone viral. Austin posted a recent picture of her and her daughter Chanel.

The duo was seen to be shopping together. What caught the eyes of the fans was that Coco was pushing her daughter in a stroller that was meant for the babies. This led to a huge controversy and everyone started voicing their opinion. Coco Austin’s daughter, Chanel looked visibly annoyed in the picture. Fans said that the annoying face must be due to the stroller.

Most of the fans said that a child of six years must not be put inside a baby stroller. One of the fans commented that even though Chanel was her last baby, she should let her grow naturally. Holding her back will only do more harm to Chanel than good in the future. The social media user also expressed fear about Chanel getting bullied in the future. The user also stated that she has a baby who is younger than Chanel and yet, does not use a baby stroller. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Coco Austin Puts Baby In A Stroller, The Internet Reacts

Coco Austin posted a family picture recently. She captured it by saying that they were strolling around shopping at the Atlantis Bahamas shops. In the picture, both her daughter and her husband could be seen. Coco is married to world-class rapper, Ice T. 

What was distinctive about the picture was that Coco Austin’s daughter was seen to be in a baby stroller. The child had a pouty face and was visibly frustrated. This led to everyone slamming Coco for being a bad mother.