Erica Lugo Talks About Her Battle With PMDD at 36

Erica Lugo

She became known as EricaFitLove after her incredible feat of losing 150 pounds in 15 months. And Erica Lugo did it through hard work and dedication.  But while her remarkable story has inspired millions to start their fitness regimen and lose weight, she ran into another round of health issues in recent months. 

Erica Lugo spoke recently of how her premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) issue was ignored by her doctor. 5% of menstruating women have severe premenstrual symptoms. It leads to an impairment of functioning. For most women, it causes only mild discomfort and the symptoms do not significantly interfere with their personal lives.

However, around 5-8% of women can suffer moderate-to-severe symptoms that can lead to significant distress and functional impairment. This is something that Erica Lugo faced as her doctor dismissed her PMDD symptoms. She says it left her “sad and broken.”

Erica Lugo Admits To Even Contemplating Suicide

The popular influencer says that she experienced mental health problems and even suicidal ideation when her doctor declined to have her hormones tested. He told her that she was way too young for such treatment.

The former trainer at Biggest Loser first started feeling off just ahead of her 2nd bodybuilding competition last September. She remembers being at practice with her coach when she felt a buzzing sensation in her body. She felt herself shaking like adrenaline was coursing through her body. She felt ill physically.

Danny McGeady, her husband, urged her to visit her doctor. He diagnosed a case of anxiety and gave her Zoloft (sertraline), used to treat various mental health conditions including depression and social anxiety. But her despair continued, and the doctor switched medication. But this only left her feeling enraged. But the doctor refused to accept that she wasn’t depressed or anxious. Added to that was the pressure of maintaining her social media image.