G Flip Gave The Best Anniversary Gift

G Flip

Australian musician G Flip gave their partner a track on their anniversary. They came out as nonbinary in 2021. They are a lesbian, as per their own consideration. They have been dating Chrishell Stause officially since May 2022. They pour their heart into that track to keep Chrishell happy. It was a shocking surprise to Chrishell.

G Flip Shocked Their Partner

G Flip is 28 years old and already proved to the world that expensive gifts don’t hold the same love. Just the way creativity does. They first play the track when they were together in a car for the first time. Chrishell Stause was in tears after hearing them.

Flip recorded the whole reaction of Stause and shared it on TikTok. They were over the moon while making the track perhaps. Must have been waiting for a long time to surprise her with this. G Flip made the one-year anniversary the best for themselves.

They posted the reaction on TikTok and captioned how emotional it was for even Chrishell Stause. It was a little bit of the song Flip player for her. Later Stause also wrote sharing the video on Instagram story. How she is eagerly waiting for fans all over the world to hear it out.

Flip wrote the lines explicitly for Stause. They say “I am not a man but I can if you want me to”.Dedicated to Chrishell Stause. Flip gets Stause emotionally, and what her body needs. This is not the end G Flip further played the song acoustically. Captioned it with Thank You for digging my song. Chrishell Stause put a cheesy comment saying she couldn’t resist them. Chrishell and G Flip met while shooting for a song video. The song portrays a chaotic love story. Stause has an acting background so she was the perfect fit for this position.