Jack White Calls Out Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson ‘Disgusting’ for Interacting with Donald Trump

jack White

Jack White posts disparaging statements about Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson; and criticizes them for “normalizing” Donald Trump, whom he labels as “Racist and Fascist” by attending public events with him. They were seen to have conversations with Trump at the UFC 290 event in Les Vegas over the weekend, along with Joe Rogan and Guy Fieri. White attacks four of them and posts pictures of their meeting on his Instagram account.

Jack White’s Derogatory Remarks About Donald Trump On His Instagram Post

Jack White also wrote in the caption that whoever normalizes the vile fascist and racist like Trump deprives himself of honor from him. Then he directly calls them out by their names and casts aspersions on their characters. Jack White frequently defames Trump on social media. He declared last November that he was leaving Twitter following Elon Musk’s reinstatement of Trump’s account after a period of suspension of it on account of his attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. He wrote disparaging comments about Elon Musk for restoring Trump’s Twitter account and called it “Disgusting. 

In the post he mentioned that it is not the first time that Wahlberg and Trump have interacted at UFC 290, they met in other public gatherings earlier as well. They had taken part in a celebrity golf tournament a decade back or so. He also wrote a few words as to what Wahlberg once publicly said about his first encounter with Trump. Wahlberg stated that they were alike in terms of their financial and business interest, but, unlike Trump, he was never an impolite person.