Jenna Rae Frank Recalls Her “Power Rangers” Father On His Birthday

Jenna Rae Frank

On the day he might have been 50, actor Jason D. Frank, who passed by suicide around November, is recalled by his child, Jenna Rae Frank. On the day of Frank’s first birthday following his passing, Jenna Rae Frank honored her father by sharing a heartfelt message on Instagram. “I am at a loss for words. The message, which included a picture of the pair in a car was shot on his forty-ninth birthday and started out with the words, “I still can’t believe you’re gone. The former Power Ranger is shown carrying a card and a bag of Haribo Goldbears.

Jenna Rae Frank started by saying that she was present with her father on his last birthday. “You were quite thrilled to see me when we met at the airport. From you I’ve learned all I know; you’re my guide to life, Jenna Rae Frank further added in the caption of the picture. She also supplied an old photo of a young kid and a toddler, both of whom were unidentified.

Jenna Rae Frank’s Heartfelt Message For Her Late Father

“You’re not just my father, you know. You’re my brother, my partner in crime, and my dearest friend. You are all things together. We experienced the same issues. You always knew what I was thinking when no one else did. I’ll prevail in this conflict for you. I swear. Happy 50th birthday, dad! You have always referred to me as your brightest angel. Now you’re mine,” she wrote as her final statement.

A picture of Jenna and her father eating a meal completed the eulogy for the girl. Her fans showered her with love and support, with Amy Jo Johnson, former Power Ranger writing on her Instagram that Jenna Rae Frank was a lovely woman whom she loved dearly.  Frank had been a martial artist most remembered for playing Tommy Oliver, the White/Green Ranger, in the 1993–1995 MMPR television series and the 1995 film adaption.