Prince Jackson And Blanket, Pose For An Uncommon Jackson Family Portrait

Jackson Family

The Jackson family gathered for a rare family photograph only days post Bigi Jackson, 21, (previously called Blanket), along with 26-year-old Prince Jackson, were photographed at MBRC, where Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson’s ONE performance is presented. On Thursday, The Jackson family’s Facebook page posted the adorable picture. 

The “Smooth Criminal” singer would have turned 65 on August 29th, but Michael passed away in the year 2009 at around 50 years of age. Paris Jackson, his 25-year-old daughter, also honored her dad on that day in a bunch of clips uploaded via her Insta Story.

Paris Jackson Along With Others From The Jackson Family Pay Tribute To Michael Jackson

In a clip, she said, “It’s also my dad’s birthday.” “He dedicated 50 years of his life—by the time he could have been sixty-five—to do the things he had done so that I could stand before you on stage and shout into a mic. He did this so that I could.”

So, she owes him everything, she said. She would also love to use this opportunity to introduce the members of my family, who were present on the stage along with me. Paris celebrated her father by receiving the ETLA with her sibling Prince during Michael’s 60th birthday party in 2018. Prince noted in his acceptance speech that the singer was “so passionate” about the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, which had been the reason why Michael was granted the honor.

Part of Prince’s speech included the statement, “It is an extreme honor and privilege to be receiving an award for not only something my father was passionate regarding but also for somebody he held in the utmost regard, as well as for a foundation for which he fought tirelessly to achieve the objectives that they’re currently attaining.”