Kim Kardashian Hits Back At Accusations Of Fake Meat-Eating In Beyond Meat Ad

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a 41 years old influencer and businesswoman. She recently took to her social media page to prove that her haters are wrong in claiming that she was faking about eating in her new ad campaign for Beyond Meat. 

Skim’s founder, Kim Kardashian, shared the commercial for Beyond Meat which is a plant-based food company on her Instagram page on Tuesday. The commercial showed that Kim enjoyed and tasted several of the dishes offered by the company. Viewers were quick to notice that although Kim was chewing she was never seen biting into the food. This led to viewers criticizing her for fake eating in the commercial. 

Kim Kardashian Proving A Point 

Kim Kardashian, the founder of KKW Beauty hit back at her haters who have been accusing her of pretending to eat during her ad campaign. In order to prove her point to her haters, Kim shared a clip of beyond Meat commercial that was a blooper video. This blooper reel has several shots where Kim can be seen taking bites of food and actually eating. 

Kim can be seen cutting off sandwich buns to avoid carbs, she can be seen having big bites of many food dishes. In one such shot, she takes a small bite and says it tastes really good while in another shot she tries a chicken finger that is meatless followed by a vegan sausage slice and a taco. 

Beyond Social Media Trolling 

Kin Kardashian shared the extended video of the ad commercial to show that she was actually tasting the food by Beyond Meat and was definitely not pretending to chew the dishes. The company could have easily avoided this fiasco by adding some shots of Kim biting into the food instead of her simply chewing them. 

Nonetheless, Kim managed to prove her point and clear the accusations.