Kristen Bell Shares Joyous Scene Of Husband Playing With Daughters

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell has fallen in love all over again after witnessing the sweet bond that her husband and their daughters share. The 43-year-old star of The People We Hate at the Wedding was all praise for the parenting shown by husband Dax Shepard. She expressed it via a post on Instagram on September 30th.

Kristen Bell Feels The Warmth Of Family

Kristen Bell, through the post, posted a glimpse into the recent family outing at the ballpark. They were in attendance to support the Los Angeles Dodgers. This included two clips where 48-year-old, Shepard, was at his most adorable state as he did his best to become the sweetest dad. Bell also posted a picture of her alongside the host of the podcast Armchair Expert seated in the stands during the game. Furthermore, there was also a short video of Dax and 10-year-old Lincoln (their oldest daughter) happily skipping while holding hands through the hallway of the stadium.

Dax and Lincoln then showed some excellent maneuvering through the crowd as they dodged through the people in the queue at the stands for concessions. 8-year-old Delta, their youngest daughter, was close on their heels. Another video shot by Kristen Bell showed Dax carrying both daughters up a flight of stairs. Lincoln was on his shoulders while Delta was held tightly against Dax’s chest. In the caption, Bell gushed about how “dadding” looked so cute.

The followers of Bell, the star of Frozen, were similarly impressed seeing Shepard in action, especially the scene where he climbed the stairs. One of the commenters quipped about how they should hit the gym after seeing Dax carry “both” up the “stairs”. Another comment said that they broke their back simply looking at it. They added that the strength of Dad was beyond expectations.