A Month Since Being Announced Dead, Lil Tay Drops New Music Video

Lil Tay

Lil Tay’s comeback is taking place, and a fresh music video seems to be the first step. It has been a month since the family of the influencer and the rapper announced that she had passed via a post on their Instagram. The post, controversially, was removed immediately the day after. Now, Lil Tay posted a video for her latest song titled “Sucker 4 Green”.

Lil Tay Claims She Has Been Prepping For This

In Lil Tay’s music video, the rapper, who is now 14, is seen wearing a short skirt and top, both in yellow. Claire Hope, which is the actual name of Lil Tay, is then strutting with multiple luxury cars behind her back. The scene was possibly a reference to her original viral videos on TikTok where she boasted about purchasing expensive cars, even if she was quite young.

In subsequent scenes, viewers can see the singer wearing short shorts and a crop top in orange while singing in different parts of a mansion. When the chorus came on, she danced with several other dancers in suits behind her, while doing the gesture of sliding money. Angela Tian, her mother, and Jason Tian, her older brother, were also featured in Lil Tay’s video while she was inside a luxury car.

Representatives of the singer gave a statement to the press where they explained that Lil Tay was back. Moreover, they further clarified that it did not only mean her return on social media but also with a huge single, with an accompanying music video. The representatives further detailed a video of the rapper that she did LIVE on Instagram where she talked with her fans. There, she had talked about being back, and “exposing everyone”. She had further explained that she had spent years waiting for the moment, which she spent studying her own craft as a means to perfect it.