Matthew Tyler Vorce Issue Apologies Following Homophobic And Racist Posts!

Matthew Tyler Vorce
Matthew Tyler Vorce

The boyfriend of Billie Eilish, Matthew Tyler Vorce issues apologies following homophobic and racist posts on social media. Matthew Tyler Vorce, an actor, wrote that he is deeply sorry for causing all the hurt. The actor was obviously referring to his posts, where Tyler allegedly used body-shaming, racist and homophobic language. 

Matthew Tyler Vorce Is Deeply Ashamed Of His Past!

Tyler is apologetic because of his homophobic and racist language which he used in the past. Vorce shared his apology and sincere sorry in his story on Instagram. The boyfriend of Billie Eilish apologized because of all the offensive words the actor used and said on social sites some time ago. Matthew Tyler Vorce, who is now 29 years old, writes about how deeply sorry he is for the irresponsible and hurtful words that he has said.

He added that recently he came to understand the offensive nature of his words. Tyler said that whether the post was a quote, a lyric or just him being dumb is neither the point nor the matter. He seemed deeply apologetic and ashamed because of the usage of offensive words on social sites. He continued that this is not the way he was raised or this is not what he truly stands for. 

Matthew Tyler Vorce apologizes for using this kind of language and words in the 1st place. He vows never to use these kinds of language or words again. He apologizes again for the hurt that he has caused. He concluded by saying that he is holding himself accountable and he takes the whole responsibility for his actions. Billie Eilish’s fans found certain Facebook posts and tweets where Matthew Tyler Vorce was using slurs and offensive language regarding gay and black people.