Miranda Kerr And Evan Spiegel Release Pics Months After Getting Married

Miranda Kerr

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr revealed her wedding photographs for the first time even as she reminisced about falling in love with Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel. She met her husband at a 2014 fashion event.

Miranda Kerr produced a picture on social media of their first meeting. The Australian wrote that that was a day 9 years ago when ‘fate and Louis Vuitton’ together brought Spiegel and her at dinner. Viewers commented that it was an amazing encounter and said that the vibes appeared to be already in the making.

Spiegel had first spoken about their initial meeting at an interview in 2022 with Vogue. He mentioned that while he had a great time with a woman, he did not believe that he had a chance. He remembered giving Miranda Kerr his number, offering to help her in matters relating to tech.

Miranda Kerr Says That Her Relationship With Spiegel Developed Gradually

Spiegel says he never expected her to contact him but received a surprise call one month later. Miranda Kerr admits that she never contemplated falling in love again after splitting from actor Orlando Bloom. She says that Spiegel was gentle throughout their relationship, which encouraged her to grow and evolve.

She said that it was incredible that she had a partner who encouraged her at every step to grow to become a better person. She says that he was incredibly patient with her and their relationship gradually evolved. Miranda Kerr says that their relationship developed at a nice pace even before they officially became girlfriend and boyfriend.

She says that it was incredible that she connected so well with Spiegel, something she did not know was possible in reality. Kerr says he continually works on growing and evolving himself. The couple disclosed that they expected a 3rd child together in September. They are already parents to Myles and Hart, aged 4 and 5 respectively. Miranda Kerr is also mother to 12-year-old Flynn, whom she shares with Orlando Bloom.