Nicola Peltz Critics To Wedding Planners Surface In Lawsuit

Nicola Peltz Brooklyn Beckham
Nicola Peltz

According to reports, there was drama in addition to the dream wedding of Nicola Peltz alongside Brooklyn Beckham. The millionaire father of “Bates Motel” star, Nelson Peltz, reportedly sued Nicole Braghin and Arianna Grijalba for failing to return the deposit of $159,000 he provided them, according to the Daily Mail.

Special Day For Nicola Peltz Ends Up In Dispute

Nelson who’s hitting 80, claims in the case that in March 2022, he and his wife, Claudia Peltz, hired Grijalba and Braghin through their company, to plan out their design events. Nicola Peltz’s engaged the team six weeks right before starting of star-studded wedding was scheduled to happen in the venue at the billionaire’s Palm Beach in estate after parting ways with their initial wedding planner.

Grijalba and Braghin, however, decided against working with Nicola and Beckham coming in right after nine days of the assignment because of their inability to manage the couples over 500-person guest list.

According to the Daily Mail, the lawsuit states that “their wedding planner had to require the expertise in handling staffing of the plan, it’s coordinate, and execution of the wedding event as an expected caliber including complexity” due to the celebrity status of the wedding couple and the anticipated attendance of numerous high-profile guests.

In the lawsuit, Nelson also mentioned some text messages that his daughter is alleged to have sent to these wedding planners, including one in which the actress claimed to be “tired” of correcting their errors after they claimed Lewis Hamilton RSVP’d “yes” even though he had mentioned the couple he had said “no.”

Lewis Hamilton allegedly neglected to RSVP, according to actress Nicola Peltz. Therefore, please explain why his name could be on that list. We talked with him. Explain why did you state he RSVP’d yes if he can’t come, she continued. Grijalba made an attempt to justify her need for more time in order to familiarize herself with the application that housed the virtual list of guests.