The Flash Is In Line For Becoming The Next Greatest Superhero Film

The Flash
The Flash

DC Studios executive Peter Safran says Ezra Miller is on the way to making extensive progress for his upcoming film while being mindful of his committed journey to recovery. 

The superhero movie was almost out the doors until actor Ezra Miller started making headlines due to his erratic behaviors, alarming acts, and arbitrary rants over social media with sudden arrests followed by court appearances. The latest news reveals that the standalone fiction film ‘The Flash’ will hit the theaters by earliest June 16th.

Miller Raises Quite A Concern For Latest Franchise Of ‘The Flash’

DC Studios’ current co-CEO James Gunn at Warner Bros and producing director Peter Safran reported on Tuesday that The Flash is by far one of the best superhero films in existence. He continued by saying that the current storyline of the movie will reset everything that the franchise worked for so far.

In reference to Miller who’s hitting 30 and their relationship with the studio, Peter Safran concluded that Erza is on their way to a committed recovery and they are quite supportive of their betterment. Right now they will be pending this ‘talk’ till the right time comes to conclude the best possible path for the actor and the franchise. 

Sarfan was quick to disperse the question by saying that they are in touch with the actor and updating him on their latest conversations it looks like Miller has been doing an enormous recovery within the last couple of months.

In a recent interview in August ‘the flash’ actor apologized for their recent actions and erratic behavior stating that they are in the progress of seeking out mental health-related treatment and doing whatever is necessary for their own good. “Having recently been through the time of intensive crisis, I have now come to understand that I am perplexed with some complicated mental health crisis and currently ongoing through the necessary treatment” Ezra Miller said. He continued by apologizing for his alarming behavior to everyone that might have upset some audience. He promises to be committed to his journey to recovery and be back to his safe, healthy, and productive lifestyle as soon as possible.