Ohio The ‘Benadryl Challenge’ Boy, 13, Passed Only Six Days After Doing It On TikTok

Benadryl challenge

Jacob Stevens’ aunt stated in a GoFundMe effort that no one’s mother must be put in a situation to say bye to their children.

In Ohio, a young kid lost his life after doing the nonsense “Benadryl challenge.” In this challenge, TikTok users are consuming copious doses of Benadryl, a medication for allergies, to get intoxicated, according to the trending social media fad.

What The Benadryl Challenge Led To

After Jacob participated in the challenge, which caused the youngster to start having seizures and put him on a vent for around a week before passing away on Wednesday, Justin Stevens spoke out against it in an interview with ABC 6.

The Benadryl challenge asked people to consume about 14 tablets of the medication, which Stevens revealed to the outlet turned out to be too much for his body. It was further revealed that nothing had appeared on the brain scan and the hospital had informed them that even the ventilation would be of no good.

In his obituary, Jacob is described as a fun-loving person who liked music, football, and going out with friends. Following Jacob’s passing, a spokeswoman for TikTok said in an announcement that they send their condolences to the family.

A public statement had been issued by the platform clarifying that to protect their community, they strictly forbid content on TikTok that encourages risky behavior. They have never noticed a trend in this kind of content on the platform, and they have been blocking searches for a long time to help determine such activity, the statement continued.

They also said that they have invited their community to complain about any content that raises concerns. Their team has been reported to have 40k safety people working to clear violations of their Community Guidelines.