Pat Sajak Chalked Out His Future Plans

pat sajak

A host of precisely since 1983. Pat Sajak has held the post of a host of Wheel of Fortune since 1983. He had his ups and downs. And he fulfilled the duty of someone who was criticized a lot. His jokes sometimes went beyond his boundaries. He forgets where he is standing and where he should draw the line of personal space. Often the guests and audiences weren’t very happy with his gesture. Yet, he spent there as a successful host for almost five decades. He is taking retirement and soon going to be moving to his old responsibilities.

Pat Sajak Is Partially Leaving The Show, Will Remain Connected As The Father Figure

He served five decades as a host of the Wheel of Fortune. Pat Sajak will now serve as a consultant for three years. Having Pat Sajak on the show was perhaps one of many’s greatest feelings. Some say otherwise.

Suzene Prete further mentioned how Americans loved and supported Sajak for the last Forty years. She and the whole team of Wheel of Fortune were grateful and proud to have him as the host. His farewell party will be taking place throughout the upcoming season. Pat Sajak Himself mentioned starts this fall, the 41st season of the Wheel of Fortune.

It’s hard for Sajak’s colleagues to picture the show they have run for the last forty years without them. Pat Sajak will join the board of trustees chairman for Hillsdale College, located in Michigan. He has been involved with them since 2019. Before that, he served as vice chairman of a Christian school’s board from 2003 to 2019. Emily Stack Davis mentioned how Pat Sajak had been an icon and a role model for the radio and entertainment industry.