Pat Sajak Joked About Having Ryan Seacrest On Speed Dial Years Ago

pat sajak

Pat Sajak is of the opinion that Ryan Seacrest could be the next host of Wheel of Fortune. After an announcement made on Tuesday where Seacrest was declared as the successor, a clip from a decade ago resurfaced where Sajak had mentioned that the then host of American Idol was just a call away. In the video, a contestant had asked for a vowel, and the host responded that since the contestant has spun the wheel, they would have to ask for a consonant.

The 76-year-old then realized his error, and then corrected himself, stating that the contestant had actually spun a free play, and he was an idiot. And then asked if there was an E in the puzzle. In the episode, he got into trouble again later, when another contestant spun and landed on a trip to Arizona. After asking for an N, Sajak went on to admit that he was actually not sure if the letter was in the puzzle or not. 

Pat Sajak Had An Intuition That He Would Be Replaced By Ryan Seacrest

After the contestant went on to pick up the piece of the trip, Pat Sajak joked that Ryan Seacrest was on speed dial. The remark was quite prophetic, as Seacrest was named his replacement almost a decade later. Through the multi-year deal with the game show, the former co-host of Live With Kelly and Ryan will also be serving as a consulting producer- which was announced on Tuesday by Sony Pictures Television. Regarding his hiring, Ryan Seacrest stated that he was truly humbled to be stepping into the shoes of Pat Sajak. 

In a statement, Ryan Seacrest stated that he found it to be a privilege and a joy to watch Pat Sajak and Vanna on the television screens for close to 40 years- where they made the entire country smile every night and feel right at home with them. He also mentioned that he loved the way Pat Sajak used to make all the contestants feel at ease.