Savannah Chrisley Is Doubtful About Getting Married

savannah chrisley

The 25 years old, Chrisley Knows Best star is having second thoughts about marriage. Savannah Chrisley is the daughter of Todd and Julie Chrisley. The couple is currently serving time for tax fraud. They have 19 years in total. They surrendered on 17th January. Presently Savannah is taking care of her brother and niece. The court has given her custody. She loves them to death. Previously she shared on her podcast that those two kids are coming along if someone wants to take her on a date.

She started dating someone in March. However, things didn’t work out. She needed to focus on herself. Thus she parted ways. The concept of marriage seems to scare her the most. It’s not the kids.

Tying The Knot Is Scary, Says Savannah Chrisley

Recently she had a guest on her podcast Lindsay Ell at Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley. She shared with her how the concept of marriage scares her. Addressing the traditional concept of life. One should get married by the mid-20s and have kids. Savannah said marriage scares her more than kids. She feels getting married to someone, that person would have the right and ability to hurt her. It’s more like you are giving up on a part of yourself.

She is aware that this foreign and orthodox thought of her is dubious. She is fighting it and trying to figure things out on her own. Savannah Chrisley’s life changed within a few days. She is now a mother of two children. She will be held responsible for them if anything goes wrong. It’s overwhelming and yet adventurous. 

Chrisley has put her plans and life on hold. She cannot think of moving forward in her life without her parents by her side. She definitely wants them to be part of her wedding. And afterward. Todd Chrisley has told her to move forward without looking back. He is always there, and he is fighting too. Chrisley further added she is angry and grieving at the same time. Everything around her is just noise.