That 90s Show To Premier On Netflix 

that 90s show

That 70s show turned into That 90s show is soon to premiere on Netflix. Red Forman and Kitty are all set to open the door to a novel team of rebellious teens. The trailer stars the teen grandchild Leia who during the 1995 summer takes an opportunity to pay her visit to Wisconsin. When she comes home, she is introduced to a team of misfit children who are eager to welcome her with their arms wide open.

The hesitant Red is told by Kitty that she would get Doritos, Fritos, Tostitos, and the entire -itos team to which Red refuses to feed them because a similar situation started the events that took place earlier.

The novel group is settled in the basement of the house with keg parties, comedy one-liners, and a small pot to make the group go around. Leia is made aware of the Donkey Kong conspiracy which is a gorilla. To make it funnier, another reference is to Sheryl Crow who is not an actual crow again.

That 90s Show Would Not Spoil That 70s Show’s Fun

With an entire team of new members, That 90s Show would not lose the essence of That 70s Show. The trailer opens up the storyline with Wilmer Valderrama as Fez and his fate as an expensive-looking hair stylist in his adult life and introduces one of the clients as Kitty. Fez’s adult life has been prefaced as the guy whose multiple salons have made it to the commercials. Out of the blue, the scene changes to Kitty being welcomed by Chez Fez who is already on his chair, ready for her hair transformation.  The trailer comes to an end with glimpses of the old characters now all grown up but seen returning as new characters to Point  Place.