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Questions On Meghan Markle And The Curtsying To The Late Monarch

After Meghan Markle claimed to be clueless about Curtsying to Queen Elizabeth II, clips of her having much idea about the system are now going viral. As the erstwhile actress met the late monarch in 2016, Meghan did happen to spoil the curtsy. To cover up, in a recent show on Netflix titled Harry and Meghan the couple claims Meghan has no idea of the royalties. However, clips from her previous show Suits clearly show her performing an act for curtsying. The show was aired in 2010 where Meghan as Rachel Zane is seen curtsying to Rick Hoffman.

The Royal Family Fan Page has almost all pictures of the family and has recently come out with the Suits footage mocking her to have had perfect skills on curtsying as shown in the clip even before she came across Harry and that the things she has been claiming in her now premiering show are all a facade.

Meghan Markle Recalls Her Meeting With The Queen

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The documentary frames the couple where Harry speaks about his grandmother being the first elder member to meet Meghan. The couple was in the car and Meghan was told very suddenly about the appearance of Harry’s grandmother and that she would have to do the curtsy.

She says that she had not expected to be introduced in such a short span and it was just some moments ago she knew she would be standing right in front of the Queen. When Meghan Markle was asked by Harry if she knew how to perform the curtsy, she took the situation as a joke. Being an American, she was not quite aware of the system and she felt like she had been taken back to the Medieval Times.

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