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Victoria Fuller Taking Her Relationship To The Next Level

Victoria Fuller, 29 years old American reality show star, involved herself in a relationship with Greg Grippo. Greg Grippo also appeared on the Bachelors with Victoria Fuller. He is mainly based in New York City and travels back for his love Victoria Fuller.

Victoria Fuller Might Be On The Route To a Wedding

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo started their relationship a month ago and in a recent interview, he revealed that they are planning on moving in together. When further asked Greg told positively that this might lead to marriage. Greg traveled to Boston to meet Victoria Fuller’s relatives and as fuller mentioned they loved Greg.

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The couple planning on meeting Victoria’s parents a few weeks before Christmas and spending Christmas in New Jersey with Greg Grippo’s family. Greg feels the marriage is on the table and it’s very important for Victoria and he at no cost will be breaking that, he is determined to take care of it.

Both of them are willing to put in the effort to know each other family and blend well with them, this is equally important as to knowing each other. Victoria and Greg met last year through a mutual friend and wanted to give each some time, they flew to Italy however, people recognized them at a glance and started taking pictures that went viral. Later they gave us a sneak peek by getting matching tattoos and posting them on Instagram ‘ciao’.

As per the report, Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo confirmed their relationship last week and how happy they are, it is amazing for her at last they are getting a chance to spend time together without anyone’s interference. As she says the future is unknown but it may turn up with a bunch of ‘Grippo babies’.

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