Whoopi Goldberg Apologises For Her Words As She Says Romanian Slur On Stage Of The View

Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has come forward with an official apology for her last controversial comment Holocaust which was made over doubling down in 2022. This vexed statement comes in the form of a Romani slur that took the audience by shock on the stage of the show ‘The View’. 

Backlash On The Heated Controversy Isn’t Looking Too Good For Whoopi Goldberg

During the airing of Wednesday’s episode, amidst the riled-up conversation regarding presidential elections from 2020, the moderator in her late 60s says, that people who still believe that he’s got gy***d somehow in between his elections might just believe that he cares well enough for his wife to make the payments. 

Goldberg takes a little pause as she continues off to say it was indefinitely gas money that came from his personal belongings. The slur pronounced by Whoopi Goldberg is commonly associated with an obscenity that is widely used against people coming from a Romani heritage or background. 

The actress sprang upon the issue quite quickly as she chalked up her mistake by blaming it on the words she had heard throughout the entirety of her life. Following up on the incident channel ‘The View’ uploaded a formal apology video coming from Goldberg addressing the issue on their official Twitter account. 

The Till star told in her said video that after a certain age, an individual starts using words that they can remember from their childhood or have come across people saying, staging that’s exactly what happened on the referred issue. 

Whoopi Goldberg didn’t beat around the bush much and accepted right away that she shouldn’t have worded it that way and maybe thought about it out loud for a little while, she continued to say that she must have used the word ‘cheated’ or anything else in reference to it rather than the slur she blurted out and apologized a few more times to the hurtful audience.