Why Is Kanye West Missing Is Trending

kanye west
kanye west

“Kanye West Missing” is now trending on the search bar of twitter after a tweet gone viral. Here is what we know about it till now.

Ye is a well-known rapper and infamous in social media ffor his rants there. Thus, when the rapper remains quiet for long periods of time fans wonder why.

Ye is an established rapper who has become notorious on social media for his outbursts. Fans therefore question the reason why the artist is silent for a prolonged period of time.

Since entrepreneur Thomas St. John has already been attempting to serve Kanye West with legal paperwork, it seems that Kanye West missing.

According to All HipHop, St. John, who is suing producer/fashion designer/rapper Kanye for violation of his contract, stated at a court proceeding that he hasn’t been able to locate Kanye for weeks.

As Chief Executive Officer of Donda, Kanye reportedly stopped giving St. John a $300k retainer each month just after two had a “intense” session in which Kanye allegedly called their contract “bullshit.”

Kanye West Missing Is Trending, But Why?

Ye’s attorneys at Greenberg Traurig, among the biggest names in the law firms business in the world. They are having problems locating St. John, who serves as the chairman of the TSJ intl accounting business, in order to cut relations with the musician after his remarks against the jews. St. John has sued Kanye for $4.5 mn.

The law firm has stated that they have taken necessary steps after the remark by Kanye against the Jews. The law firm incidentally was created by jewish men. A few days prior, Ye’s former spouse Kim Kardashian expressed how hard it is co-parenting their 4 children is in a statement.