Joel Weinshanker Reveals Lisa Marie Presley’s Last Wishes For Graceland

Joel Weinshanker

Earlier last month, Mother to Lisa Marie, Priscila Presley came to file a petition for contesting the singer-songwriter’s last writ, which has been entrusted to her daughters. We would be celebrating Lisa Marie hitting 55 this year on Wednesday, but a managing partner to Elvis Presley Enterprise, Joel Weinshanker decided on making a sudden appearance at Sirius XM’s Elvis Radio to pay tribute to her life and further set things straight as she wanted for the forthcoming days of Graceland.

Joel Weinshanker Shares Lisa’s Ideals On Legend Elvis And His Legacy

‘As we all know Elvis passed on everything to his little girl. He knew doing so meant her daughter would continue off his legacy even after he’s gone’ said Joel Weinshanker. He continued by saying the reason that they got along so well was that they both were trying their best for Elvis by keeping him in mind, these ideas were regardless of the thought of what somebody else might do or what an immediate family member will choose to do. 

Weinshaker talked about Lisa Marie stating how stubborn she was. Anything that she felt wasn’t in the best interest of Elvis would be disregarded, she couldn’t be bought or pushed off, and starting this was never about money to her. He further added that he honestly thinks she was the only Presley you could say these about.

Joel Weinshanker revealed that Lisa Marie, daughter to the rock legend Elvis, was very direct and certain about her choice of whom she wanted her legacy to carry. The discussion was brought up many times before her death and every time without a doubt it was Riley and Ben. He referred to Lisa’s kids Benjamin Keough and Riley Keough whom she shared with her ex-husband Danny Keough. There was never a hint of question in her mind if they could be the stewardess, all along she knew her father’s legacy would be done just in their hands.